Thursday, September 2, 2010


So much energy is consumed each day, a daily attempt to shut down our minds and cause pain to our bodies invisibly.

No, I have made barely any new posts and those of you who read my notes on facebook will find nothing new. A sad way to kick-start a blog. Ah, but my creative juices are stewing and have yet to flow. This very post is a revamp of something that I wrote before in eager hopes that one day I would need it.

Funnily enough, the posts are going in reverse chronological order...they get older....I think I wrote something 'relevant' way down...The U.N fan-fiction...second post probably.
Wave after wave of psuedo-intellectuals crash against a stubborn country. One that I live in. Mary, Mary..quite contemporary.

What advantage do I have...why do I have the audacity, the arrogance to feel that I could make any difference, the tiniest dent?

Next project -- Well, I want to do projects. A play, two plays actually! The script for one is a work under process. The second one torments me inside my head. But it just occurred to me...I have been feeling physically assaulted more and more all year.

Much luck to those who manage to feel pep, vigour and enthusiam...I feel ASSAULTED.

Im exhausted...


  1. why do you feel assaulted? :( you have loooads of talent.

  2. Well I do not like validating myself.
    I mean, its been quite a while since I could just sit...and write... There is so much context and skepticism that clouds around me.

    In that regard I envy you, you can write burden-free, though with sincerity and effort which reflects that. I think too much...

    Plus this post is old and is me whining about my play... With which I made progress only to be met with disappointment. Apparently my play is really good, I am not good enough to direct it.

  3. why does skepticism cloud around you? and why do you think so much? you could just write stuff that happens everyday in your life here, or make another blog for it i suppose :P that way you just have to relay stuff, no need to think and soon enough it'll get comfortable for you to write.
    i'm just saying what i'm thinking, you can ignore this :P i find you loads interesting naa. and i have a penchant for annoying people without realizing it, i bet i'm doing it right now O.O

    i know this post is old :P