Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So a blogger I am

The one deficit in my self-percieved image of a subversive intellectual is now fulfilled: I have a blog! (I need new synonyms for subversive and intellectual if my friends read this they will get annoyed at my persistent usage of those words, wow when I write my thoughts in brackets I take up so much text volume in no time and it appears that I think to myself a lot I guess it shall be a persistent feature in my blog now), (saying "My Blog" felt so super-duper). (Can a deficit even be 'fulfilled'?)

The online equivalent of sado-masochism is probably going to be a recurring theme in my blog since I have decided to create this blog during a very frustating time in my life where my pre-acquired belief system in the random, the wacky, the animated is falling apart because life expects all of us to grow up....ugh...what a party pooper. (Notice how obsessed with freshness I can be as I did not take this opportuinity to lull you into a complacency regarding my orginality regarding the cliched nature of having issues with growing up as I have been doing earlier on). No seriously, it honestly is very spontaneous how I deal with this OCD by pointing out cliches even in my own work. I do not know where it stems from. It eats me. Like masticates me like.

Jewbus is a word laced with irony. (See cause its Jew and Jesus put together, you really should keep up with me).

For those of you who are still reading: WOW.

Even now I am squirming on the inside at the prospect of choosing a topic in this introductory post, because I am scared it would define me, create a binding image, like masticate me like.

I'm gonna go to sleep in a bit.

Hey did any of you find the customization options for the template as disappointing as me? I mean obviously I would pick the one which says "Awesome" but I can work these doo-hickeys ...whats a gadget?

I'm gonna go to sleep now.