Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love: the STD (AABBCDD, no balance in lines whatsoever)

I heart you very much,
I heart you as such.
Because we hearted throughout the night.
We hearted in the dark and in the light.
And now it squirts hurts.
Because you forget,
That was as good as it gets.

We laughed a lot,
We laughed at what we sought.
Because it was fun to not sit straight,
Funner to laugh now and make sure it gets too late.
And now its sad,
We're back in a time-zone,
You can whine, but time never leaves you alone.

You poked and prodded,
I poked back and nodded.
Because I felt, so numb.
Was there ever a remedy so dumb?
And now its pointless.
There's no stupid dance,
To which I'll give a chance.

This entire time, I had flu
Flu, cause of which I didn't sniff glue.
Because you were a high and more.
I wouldn't have left, wasn't sober enough to walk out the door.
And now its dull.
There's a hangover in my soul,
Don't know if I preferred the heart with a hole.

What we had, was small.
If we had it at all.
Because you're not sure if you'll stay,
And I need more to stop me from going away.
And its over.
For myself, I'll find perfection,
Because next time, I'll use: emotional protection.


  1. well, this was nice and awkward to read at the same time.

  2. yeah... I'm quite graphic when I'm cynical...