Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm a rock.

"It is wrong! In your arms it is pedantic and inane!" the dinosaur waved his stubby claws and wailed. He sighed and ughed and puffed a cigarette. His annoyance peaked, of which this nameless faceless was the architect. He took a moment to mentally note, not having the purple highlighter with which he normally wrote. 'Must make mountain of posers! Or stacked conveniently enough to run over with a bull-dozer!'

A distant reality away, had been the fateful day. The dinosaur sat in Necromancy school, in one of the years where everyone in the batch was a tool. He came across his pupil to be. "Hiiiiiii can you help me?"

O_o ?

=O Rawr (not a man in an invisibility cloak running around)

"Yes that is what they pay me for, what is the nature of your problem I must implore?"

"Yaar I have no interest in Global Warming. Why must I learn of such a thing!"

"You're a generation too late to consider it a myth, thats how you could have gotten away with it."

"Hellloooooo. I don't try to be adorable, I am mellow."

"Insecure much? It never occurred to me as such."

"Nooo naaa, but you were telling that girl you thought that, yeah."

"That didn't happen."

"In the real life version it did....BAHAHAHAHAHAHA...OH.."

"I must suspend my disbelief, I doubt this query will be brief."

"Cool. Buy me fries and to shorten it... I might try."

"Badly phrased, kids these days."


"I'm a teacher okay, I must stick to my ways."

"But I sense that despite your mood, you shall always buy me food."


The preoccupations of a dinosaur do not usually exceed those that he does not usually need. Every once in a while, we do things contrary to our style.

"I have a Parliamentary thesis to submit."

" Bahaha. I have no interest in it...."

"I have read it thrice."

"Is it really nice?"

"I find it overly-written."

"Meh, just put in a picture of a kitten."

"In real life such tactics would not help you would not succeed."

"Of such a success I have no need."

"Bitter are we? Bitter, vinegar in hummus."

"You'll see me one day big and PHAMOUS!".

"The dark side has no cookies. That I believe is the trap."

"Yaar you keep talking about this crap."

"And what bothers you may I ask..?"

"Asking and understanding are not the same task."

"Draamey naa karo."

"Teacher matt bano."

"Come on. The facts."

"They have magnificent characters to act!"

"And you don't?"

"I won't..."

"And why?"

"Lolgirlyface is enacting the sky!"

"The one who tlk leik dis eh?"

"No she's Arxshi6ay."

"And why is this not letting you sleep?"

"How do I top that! It is so deep!"

"It is clich├ęd and overrated."

"I am however easily intimidated."

"You need to find a depiction that is quite you..."

"Like you did with the dinosaur? I too must do."

"No... I really am a dinosaur."

"Uh okay then..."


I'm a rock, I'm a rock, I'm a rock, I'm a rock, I'M A ROCK *shifty eyes*

(Some times she's a frog)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You're welcome to join us

No I have no intention of going in the water,
But I'll come if you want.
Yes I do have spare clothes and laughter.
I'll use them when you want.
Freezing enough but you want to go deeper inside.
But Pebbles bruise my feet.
Guide me, give me your hand or take mine.
Find my balance in both our feet.
Cause tomorrow I'm chasing options and security.

Yes I've found my enthusiasm to dine on the rocks.
Thanks, I'll find my own place to sit,
To not decide between hot and cold ground I chose socks.
And I'll dig my feet inside while I sit.
I'll wish I had in my possession an excuse that would validate,
For me to stay there.
The sun isn't as big as last time and I don't have time to wait.
Again I'll come there.
But tomorrow I'm chasing options and security.

If you go into the sea once more pull out your pockets,
I've learnt from last time.
Sand won't deposit inside and collect shells to make lockets
There might be a next time.
As we exit the water, savouring it like you're supposed to,
I don't know if I am.
I'll smell the salt, walk a little slower and thats all I'll do.
I don't think I am.
From tomorrow I'm chasing options and security.