Saturday, March 12, 2011


You do not violate this space.
Its not about attraction,
I never thought it'd be the case.
I mean I'm not some contraption,
You disturb to look at my face.
If only I knew your weakness,
I'd put you in your place.

I know it's not your intention,
But you're just so sudden.
It's a problem I should mention.
You know it's over in a second,
But painful is the apprehension.
I know that you're not violent,
The unknown causes me tension.

Fundamentally it's kinda disturbing,
When you make it affectionate.
I don't think it's that flattering,
Your touch isn't familiar.
With me its just this thing.
It's enough with the discomfort
The sexual innuendo is unnerving.

I would prefer my ribs to let be.
It's not that sharp of a feeling.
In my every step I don't see,
How to account for the shock
That leaves me on my knee.
I can legitimately ask at least
Why is your finger in the mass of me?


  1. i hate being poked, too! it's like, dude, WHAT do you WANT from me?!
    so you think poking someone is an act of flirtation? :O
    and if someone pokes you, you GET ON YOUR KNEE?

  2. For a poke to disconcert you like that... Damn.

  3. @ Furree
    I have been subjected to pokes to service all intents. I have been subjected to pokes of all magnitudes, on my knee is a modest reaction.

    @ Zy
    Hey, beauty is in the detail I guess. Sure, I'll take it in my stride.

  4. Dude...why is your finger in the mass of me has GOT to be the most innocently-dirtiest thing I've heard all week XD