Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A review doth come.

I stumbled upon something awesome, have I not?
A web-comic, about an indie-music loving, simple, down-to-earth, guy who lives with his robot PC and his relationship with his unconventional, brooding, attractive and distant roommate.

Marten, is apparently quite the schmuck. His business card says 'office bitch'. He's been stereo-typed as one of the generic non-conformist indie fan-boys. Much humour and satire will be directed towards Punk, Goth, Metal, Emo and Hardcore genres of music and how individuals who follow those lifestyles interact with each other and how pretentious and retarded the whole thing can get.
You must HAVE at least  a certain amount of know-how of obscure bands and how their followings operate.  Much of the humour is self-deprecatory, as to how silly the principles of all non-conformist sub-culture can be from their dressing, to college loans and general life slaps. 

But enough about that stuff which I enjoyed.

Its an amazing comic in my opinion. Its adorable, insightful and so very very genuine.
It starts with Marten meeting Faye. But honestly it progresses into this wave after wave of keen and simple observations about the boy-girl relationship and what not. And it has its moments.

And it has plot.
It has character appreciation...mostly insecurity...but still.

Notice how the graphics get better? The artist admits that he's learning as time goes by. Its quite  a treat.

What? I already said most of the humour is insecurity-based...Its endearing okay?
I haven't posted the best examples by the way.
May the force be with you as your read them all I hope. Browse backwards by clicking previous, or like me you could start from number 1 which was published in 2003.


  1. Furree, you should read them all from the start. You'd love them.

  2. And how come you've stopped posting?

  3. I read the first 123 pages, *thumbs up*

  4. i didn't stop posting :O when did i stop posting?

  5. I love QC comics!
    I read the whole thing in two days when I was supposed to be studying for the exams. ^^

  6. The art is awesome now :D Faye has gotten gloriously curvy, and Dora gets skinnier all the time O___o Due to stress from the breakup maybehz? Hannie has somehow transformed from seductress (for a few panels at least) to freaky-clean-obsessive-Marigold-bestfriender-outspoken-chick, which I like, I do. I actually want her and Sven to start dating. Like for real dating.

    Oh and I would definitely date a Marten if there were prototypes in real life. Sadly, guys I know are either Asian-fanatics (meaning they only like Asian culture, as in K-pop, J-pop, C-pop, Anime, and Drama) or are white guys who are into hip hop and low rise pants. Mehhh. /shudders.

    Also I do not know as many indie bands as I would like... I srsly do not have time to search up every band that QC references.

    BUUUT I did go through a month where I'd only listen to Deerhoof, cuz I thought they were pretty cool.