Monday, February 14, 2011

My name is Asif, and I should be studying

I hate how its a trend among bloggers now to justify their self-obsessions with the mere pointing out  'Oh I hate self-indulgence lol JK I r hypocrite'.

Meh, this is not the a rant session but if only I could go on one which would be fulfilling. 
I wish I was aspiring for something amazing right now, but I am not. People around me are... 

Do you what the Urdu word for inferiority complex is?

'Ehsaas-e- WAIT FOR IT- Qamtari'

I like that word.


My sisters are cat people...

And I desperately want a puppy.

Cow...Nearly asleep... I like my purple shirt


After the Literature Festival Sunday before last, we got dragged to a friend of a friend's house.... To see puppies who needed homes.

I have been empty since that day... I have barely some time left in my 2 week deadline to convince my sisters to let me adopt one...I need their support for permission from my parents...

I am tired. Those puppies are so full of life and goodness and will make me very happy.

I got my University books from London and I have not opened the carton properly...The plastic cover is still on.

I am not motivated and have not been for the longest time.

I want to be somewhere arguing about imperialism because that has become the theme of my debates everywhere... It would feel so much more enriching.
I'm gonna go use my shoes to count my blessings.


  1. yay for uber cute puppies! and the one named Cow is JUST SO AWESOME. cause Cow is such an awesome name for a dog. good luck for convincing your sisters.
    yay for you getting more followers :P
    and your purple shirt is indeed very naaice.

  2. I really like your purple shirt. I want to steal it.

  3. @ Furree Haina? Cow was awesome, though I always imagined that cow patches on a dog would be a turn off and there were many pure white and golden-brown ones...This one I bonded with :(

    @ LionessWithoutAPride

    Many have tried and failed...
    I have enjoyed reading your blog on many occasions.

  4. When my cats die, I'm going to get a puppy =)