Saturday, January 22, 2011


This morning I was unaware as to what I wanted for breakfast. Does posting about it make me a blogger?
As I type these words, the pace of my thoughts quickens. Am I less subversive because I share what I write?
I do not share everything I write, but do I write to share? 
I waited for a friend of mine in the cafeteria as I genuinely pondered these words.
Is admission of such thoughts one step towards a less cynical Asif?
If I read these same words on someone else's blog, my exact thought would be 'Poser! Who the hell posts self-development...They just do it.'
I am not a happy person these days. Does saying this here make me Emo?
I know amazing people who have never shared some of their most brilliant works.
Am I restricted because I do not sincerely feel so protective of my words anymore?
Isn't that another form of exclusivity?
I hate you non-conformity. As a concept, you have set too many standards for my sub-conscious.
The samosa in the canteen was good. I walk to the other campus to avoid people during my breaks.
I bought my friend an extra cigarette box. Its called the 'sharing is caring' box, so that I do not feel bad for asking her for smokes. She wanted to quit and my first reaction was to tell her not to. Its lonely on the smoker's bench.
I'm having issues in college. People think I'm procrastinating but paying the exam fees is a bitch. Today was the deadline and I have no idea how I shall deal with it on Monday.
I have committed to two more MUN's.
I have a mock-case to prepare for.
My maternal-uncle called us after years. He's having an Angioplasty and wanted to tell family. Well he told us. And was more proud of my sister going on to become a doctor than me a lawyer.
I like having only 3 followers.
What would I do with more?
I don't want a puppy. I just wish I had one.



  1. yes, posting about that does make you a blogger.
    being sad doesn't mean you're emo. it means you're sad. hainaaaaa?
    i like your new background :D
    and LOL. you have four followers now.
    yay, a post for meeee. :O excited.

  2. I r not sad -.-
    Just not content.

    Trust me if not for you I wouldn't know how to even change the background. I just backtracked what changes you made. Good stuff.

    This wasn't it. I shall write something to match or atleast be deserving your awesomeness...

  3. i know this wasn't it, i was yay-ing for the upcoming post.
    you have to post regularly now :P at least 10 a month, starting next month okaaaay?