Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yung uns

I will have you know that some of the most awesome people in the world are really old.
I routinely indulge...YES INDULGE.. in bizarrely vague as well as strictly systematic intellectual quirpy, irony-laced, skeptically hopeful, insightful, introspective, profound, extremely profound conversations with OLD PEOPLE. OLD People are AWESOME. I ditched my best-friends one time, to stay at their place to have a long inconsequential conversation with the grandfather. He was really cool okay... Better than a trip to the DVD store and garlic mayo fries. I mean...Can we rename old people as Rhetoric Machines....or ...Anecdote Treasure Chests.... Normal kids dream about their dream fantasy foot-ball team or Awesome Super-Rock Band... I want to hold a workshop. With a panel. And on that panel I want Umberto Eco, Chomsky, Anwar Maqsood and Zia Mohyeddin...and say something like..... "Satire...Discuss"......... *SITS BACKS WATCHES THE MAGIC*

Buttttt I doooonnntttt waaaannnnaaaaa turrrnnnnn 20!

Danial keeps bugging me that I can't be a dinosaur.
Well fuck you guys!
It has already been established that on a blog, for me to definitively state that which I am is a lost cause.
But I realize that the non-egotistical side of my intellect, comes from a a very curious and blunt inner-child who broadens my perspective greeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttlllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. 

Dear inner-child, I know I'm 19 years too late..But do you need some fudd? Oh...*poke* Goddamnit ...The box said food-for-thought was enough....

We were doing free-writes.
A couple of friends and me.
They are younger than me.
Yes I get along with younger people.
But I felt sooo old. For the first time. I mean, there is a limit to how much you can ride the mentor band-wagon. 

Fine so the idea was that you had to keep writing. Freely. And I was so slow on the uptake. And was so skeptical I was. Which I am usually not with poetry. But I was. It was this annoying persistent tick. A yearning for a system. I mean...FREE WRITE? What gives.
And there they were so full energy jumping around.
And I was searching awkwardly inside my head: I NEED a smoke, I wonder when my next Law class is, maybe I should wear socks!, If I rhyme this line I'll create the ABB structure which I do not want, what the hell?, Maybe holding a cat will inspire me!...

I mean....I put the Aneous in Spontaneous.....Or I used to...

And Contextual Literary Reference Plagiarism is something that bothers me!
I told them this.
I will elaborate on this later... It has become quite common... I will explain this new phenomenon... But see?????? Stuff like this bothers me now. The extent of my previous oldness was calling stuff that other people liked overrated (which I have healed from and would like some appreciation).

But seriously! It is as though I have been growing older without  knowing it.
I do not age.... I procrastinate :(     
I mean life is fun, there is so much I wanted to have done by now...  

Hence the name change. Can't cling on to Adolescence anymore. But...

Bitch please, I will always be a dinosaur.
Rawr x)


  1. so.. you're 19? o.O
    and old people are nice. i live with my grandparents and i think they're cool. loads of interesting stories.
    your font is so small.
    i replied to your comment on my blog. GO AND SEE
    p.s, please follow me. i was half-expecting a follow-back, now i'm demanding one.

  2. *sigh* I'm 19...? :/

    Yeah but grandparents you HAVE to deal with... Anybody old that...fascinates you?
    But yes, I love the stories.

    Smaller font makes followers not skim through stuff...blogger's secret.

    I don't actively blog per se (this is a glorified online back-up for stuff that I have and may wirte-ish and a place for pals of mine to see what new I have concocted) , so I stopped taking the following thing that seriously.....but yes a follow-back is owed and done :)

    Nice to make your acquaintance Oh-obsessed-Furree-one.

  3. haha how old are you then? i'm sorry, your font really confuzzled me.
    i have to deal with my oldy-old colleagues in school. all of them are aunties :P they don't fascinate me, though. they just gush about how rich their children are and in which rich family they got married into. haha i barely know anyone otherwise. :(

    thank you for the follow :D

  4. I AM 19! YOU say it as though its a BAD thing...that the end of a post where I'm coming to terms with it... You got something against people going-on 20... Huh huh huh?

    You should have applied to CAS's Neem Tree School for Admin position. Its a music school for children of ALL ages. They pay A LOT and prefer ummmm.... Non-Adults to run it :p
    You would have made a tonne of friends...Non-brats in all probability.


  5. NO LOL. your blog gives off the "deep dark recesses of an old man's mind" vibe (no offense).
    i'm not into 'music school' type of things, though thank you for suggesting. plus i haven't even done my A Levels yet, i got employed more out of goodwill than anything else.

  6. "deep dark recesses of an old man's mind"

    My annoying non-google account followers and friends laughed their butts off at this comment :/

    You thought I was some creepy OLD person? Thats worse. Have you read my other posts? I assure they are not as demented as the one you read first...

    Just a suggestion if making friends was high on your list... They don't need you to be a music person or an A-level person...just good with kiddos.... Saw 'your kids'... I'd say you would do well.. But anyway.

    I shall browse through your new posts at leisure...

  7. haw. sorry about that.
    no i haven't read your other posts, your font annoys me :P
    and i'd rather work at BVA, cause my mum works there too

  8. plus i am getting paid quite handsomely :P

  9. You suggest that I, and my other young friends, do not know what Contextual Literary Reference Plagiarism. Not only do I know, but I don't agree with you.

    I demand ground presence on your blog!